Episode 0037 “The Enduring Nature of Doctor Who”

Doctor Who has been portrayed by eleven different actors since the show’s premiere in 1963.

Host Sherin Nicole and panelists Alex Ward, Chris Peleo-Lazar and Larry Reclusado discuss THE ENDURING NATURE OF DOCTOR WHO, BBC-TV’s long running sci-fi television series. Cool Toys segment on DOCTOR WHO SONIC SCREWDRIVERS. Interviews from Katsucon 2012 with DOCTOR WHO COSPLAYERS (Michelle Norris, Brandon Clauser, Micaela Joyce, James Cosentino, Steve Hardinger, Arry Widdes, Evan Ockershausen and Brian Terranova.)

TRT 29:22, production date 2/11/12, original airdate 5/9/12
Host – Sherin Nicole
Panel – Alex Ward, Chris Peleo-Lazar, Larry Reclusado
Cool Toys – Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers
Interview – Doctor Who Cosplayers
Crew – Director: Ulysses E. Campbell, Audio: Derek White, CG: Rhonda A. Starks, Floor Director: Adrienne Quinn, Cameras: Alexander Mosby, Adrienne Quinn, Walter Plush
Make up: Brandi Page

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