Episode 0054 “Cosplay 101”

“…I just want to talk a little about cosplay, get your opinions on what we’re doing today and what its all about…”

On location from Awesome Con DC! A panel of cosplayers talks basics of popular activity including why fans do it, how and/or where costumes/props are fabricated/commissioned as well as issues related to race/gender swapping. Featuring scenes from Awesome Con!

TRT 29:33, production date 4/17/14, original airdate 5/8/15
Host – Ulysses E. Campbell
Panel – Han Pan, Brian Gregory, Denise Ignatowski
Feature – Scenes from Awesome Con DC
Crew – Director: Ulysses E. Campbell, TD/Audio: Robert Snip
Cameras: Mark Leeke, Robert Snip
Make Up: Cornelius Alexander

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