Episode 0046 “The Fan Convention Experience”

“These events…are growing around the country to where, when they are well done, they are growing to take over each city for that weekend.”

This special episode on Fan Conventions includes interviews with organizers/managers of NYCC (Lance Fensterman), Baltimore Comic Con (Marc Nathan), Heroes Convention (Shelton Drum), SPX, Blood at the Beach (Nikki Stern), T-MODE (Sharvonique R. Fortune) and Gaylaxicon (Carl Cipra). Learn about the history of fan conventions, find out who attends and what goes on at the events. Featuring cosplayers Bob Kieffer, Krista of JK Cosplay, Iggy Cosplay and Justine Glass.

TRT 28:29, production date – various, original airdate 7/12/13
Host – Ulysses E. Campbell
Guests – Marc Nathan, Shelton Drum, Lance Fensterman, Sharvonique Renee Fortune, Karon Flage, Carl Cipra, Nikki Stern
Crew – Director: Ulysses E. Campbell
Cameras: Bryan Lyles, Mark Leeke, Janar Stewart, Alvin Jones, Ulysses E. Campbell

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