>I’ve been messing around in an edit suite at DCTV for the past week or so in preparation for a guest appearance on “The Scoop.” This is a talk show produced by DCTV that highlights producers with noteworthy programs that the station is interested in publicizing. I feel very fortunate to have been asked to appear.

Anyway, what I’ve had to do in preparation is to provide various resource materials to DCTV for use on the program. This has included production photos, graphics, producer bio, head shots and clips. So there I was scouring episodes from seasons one and two in an effort to extract those perfect clips that would present to viewers an accurate representation of what the show is like. The intention being to interest those who haven’t seen the program to watch. Turns out this was easier said than done.

Given the nature of the discussions selecting clips was exceedingly difficult. You want to select clips that are simultaneously engaging yet brief. Well. Seems that a lot of panelists tend to be long-winded in making their points.

I chose some clips that I felt represented the show as well as possible. And then I decided to have some fun. I captured a bunch of stuff from field tapings at various comic conventions and cobbled them together into a 46 second montage promo. Add the theme music and viola! You may judge the results for yourself.

Fantastic Forum Promo from Ulysses E Campbell on Vimeo.

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