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>Welcome to the very first installment of the Fantastic Forum Production Blog!

I originally intended this blog site to serve as a web presence for the show. It was used as a repository for the various episodes to permit viewing on the internet, to provide an episode guide and mission statement for the program.

Since those halcyon days of yesteryear, the show now has a dedicated website (WWW.FANTASTICFORUM.TV) which is available for viewing. But the problem of what to do with the dear old blogspot site remained. Hmmmmm. What to do, what to do? Do we discard it like an old sweater? I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. Besides, the more internet presence, the better, so I’m told.

Then, it hit me. It’s a blog site. Why don’t you just start blogging? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHH! Blog?!!?!?!? Me, 20th century man who lives in the 21st century? Why don’t I just start twittering, too? Well, OK. Makes sense (the blogging thing not the twittering). So here goes.

There probably isn’t anyone out there reading this stuff but I’m gonna run with it anyway. In the future, you can find information about upcoming shows, tales of woe and victory about the various elements of production, and a whole lot more. So sit back, relax and prepare yourself for the most fantastic blog experience you’ve ever had! (Yeah, right.)

NEXT UP: We’re going on a road trip to see the Batmobile!

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