Knight Rider K.I.T.T. Replica

“I can talk to this car and it’ll say about eighty things in response to me with the original voices from the TV show. I can drop black water out of the back of this car just like an oil slick K.I.T.T. had, I have a rocket launcher in the back of the car I can actually fire a rocket out of the back like K.I.T.T. used to do. In the front I have a CO2 system set up so I can actually put fires out…”

Recorded at the Virginia Comicon! Joe Fiduccia shows off his reproduction of the Knight Industries Two Thousand. Joe’s Notchback K.I.T.T. features a full exterior and interior reproduction of the customized Pontiac Trans Am from NBC-TV’s “Knight Rider” series that aired from 1982-86. The show, created by Glen A. Larsen and starring David Hasselhoff and Edward Mulhare, became a cult classic and perennial fan favorite. Joe shows off his astounding work on the reproduction including the complete interior, voice activated systems, oil slick and rocket launcher.

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