Episode 0055 “Movie Adaptations of Comic Books”

“We can talk about what they did right, what they didn’t do right, our opinions, et cetera.”

Taped location at Awesome Con DC! The panel makes their selections of the best and worst movie adaptations of comic books. Featuring our Cool Toys segment with Joe Fiduccia’s Notchback K.I.T.T. auto reproduction from the classic NBC-TV Knight Rider television series.

TRT 28:01, production date 4/19/14, original airdate 9/28/15
Host – Billie Rae Bates
Panel – Patrick Michael Strange, Sherin Nicole, David Oliver
Cool Toys – Notchback K.I.T.T.
Crew – Director: Ulysses E. Campbell, TD/Audio: Robert Snip
Floor Manager: Marc Lutz,  Cameras: Mark Leeke, Robert Snip
Make Up: Cornelius Alexander


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