Episode 0018 “How Your Countdown Money Could Have Been Better Spent, Butt Whups”

This episode was the final appearance of our friend, Martin Bosworth. Martin, devoted and loving son of Larry and Kay Bosworth, was a writer, editor, technologist, futurist, geek and advocate. His untimely passing left a void and he will always be remembered and missed.

Another episode of the award-winning DCTV series Hosted by Sherin Nicole with panelists Martin Bosworth, Roberto Ortiz and P.J. Lusk. Discussion topics include, How Your Countdown Money Could Have Been Better Spent and the ever popular Butt Whups.

This episode features part one of a special event segment on Free Comic Book Day with Special Correspondent, Estela Maldonado, The Incan Princess visiting Victory Comics in Falls Church, Virginia. Owner, Jeff Weaver is interviewed along with Josh Talley, Pierre Chaloux and James Rambo. Look for part two of our Free Comic Book Day coverage in episode #19!

TRT: 30:00, production date 5/31/08, original airdate 6/9/10
Host – Sherin Nicole
Panel – Perry Lusk, Roberto Ortiz, Martin Bosworth
Event Coverage – Free Comic Book Day(part 1)featuring Estela Maldonado
Crew – Director: Bryan Lyles, Audio: Ulysses E. Campbell, CG: Pamela O. Brown Cameras: Stephan Azor, Krushae Starnes

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