Episode 0038 “The Golden Age of Geeks”

For decades, comic books have been part of the American counter-culture. Does the success of recent Hollywood movies such as The Avengers, Spider Man and The Dark Knight mean that comics have finally gone mainstream?

Taped on location at Victory Comics in Falls Church, Virginia! Host Devon Sanders and panelists Billie Rae Bates, Jeff Weaver and Patrick Michael Strange explore the idea of THE GOLDEN AGE OF GEEKS. Does the success of recent feature films based on comic book properties mean that what had once been the province of nerds and geeks has become mainstream? Feature on Free Comic Book Day 2012 from Cards, Comics & Collectibles in Reisterstown, Maryland with Steve Conley, John Gallagher and Marc Nathan.

TRT – 59:45, production date – 6/7/12, original airdate – 7/7/12
Host – Devon Sanders
Panel – Billie Rae Bates, Jeff Weaver, Patrick Michael Strange
Event Coverage – Free Comic Book Day 2012
Feature – R.U.X. Rockwell’s Universal SeXbots *
Crew – Director: Charles Smith Audio: Ken Briley Cameras: Janar Stewart, Jacqueline Baires, Ulysses E. Campbell Technical Engineer: Devin Gallagher

* This feature appeared exclusively in the DCTV broadcast of 7/9/12

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