Episode 0056 “Television Adaptations of Comic Books”

“…oh my God, that’s comics right there. And I want more of that. If I could get it in actual comics I’ll take it but it looks like I’m going to have to go to television to get it.”

On location from Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA! Host Devon Sanders and panelists Camille Richardson, Josh Sheridan Talley and James Rambo discuss TELEVISION ADAPTATIONS OF COMIC BOOKS. And, from Awesome Con DC, comics legend GEORGE PÉREZ talks with producer/host Ulysses E. Campbell about his stellar, decades spanning career with Marvel, DC and now BOOM! Studios.

TRT 29:06, production date 6/7/14, original airdate 11/9/15
Host – Devon Sanders
Panel – Camille Richardson, Josh Sheridan Talley, James Rambo
Interview – George Pérez
Crew – Director: Ulysses E. Campbell, TD/Audio: Robert Snip
Cameras: Janar Stewart, Daniel Immerman, Bryan Lyles, Robert Snip
Make Up: Natalie Patrice

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