Episode 0049 “The Relevance and Use of Continuity in Comic Books”

“…I read comics for the story. I don’t feel like there needs to be 800 pages of back issues that I need to go back and go through.”

On location at Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA! ¬†Host Devon Sanders and panelists Roberto Ortiz, Dave Disspain and James Rambo discuss the importance and effective use of continuity in comic books. ¬†Featuring Billie Rae Bates’ interview with comics artist/writer WALT SIMONSON and Cool Toys on Bowen Designs Classic Black Panther statue.

TRT 28:16, production date 5/2/13, original airdate 8/17/13
Host – Devon Sanders
Panel – Roberto Ortiz, David Disspain, James Rambo
Interview – Walt Simonson
Cool Toys – Bowen Designs Classic Black Panther Statue
Crew – Director: Charles Smith, Audio: Andrew Rosenberg, Engineer: Devin Gallagher
Cameras: Janar Stewart, Jacqueline Baires
Make Up: Patrice Renee

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