Episode 0053 “Misogyny in Comics; Women’s Perspectives”

“If you’re a lady on the internet in a geek community sooner or later you’re going to get a rape threat. Sometimes you’re going to get lots of rape threats.”

The season five premiere on location from AWESOME CON DC! An all female group with Host Billie Rae Bates and panelists Gabrielle “Bria” LaVorgna, El Anderson and Abigail Pritchard discuss the existence and impact of MISOGYNY IN COMICS. Featuring Devon Sanders’ interview with comics writer GAIL SIMONE at the Baltimore Comic-Con and Cool Toys with the DJI Phantom 2 unmanned aerial vehicle.

TRT 29:14, production date 4/18/14, original airdate 10/6/14
Host – Billie Rae Bates
Panel – Abigail Pritchard, El Anderson, Gabrielle “Bria” LaVorgna
Misogyny in Comics; Feminine Perspectives
Interview – Gail Simone
Cool Toys – DJI Phantom 2 UAV
Crew – TD: Robert Snip Cameras: Robert Snip, Ulysses E. Campbell
Make up: Cornelius Alexander

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