To The Batmobile!


I’ve just returned from Logansport, IN where we visited with Mark Racop and his talented team at Fiberglass Freaks. To say that the production crew and I had a fabulous time would be an understatement. For a lifelong comic and sci-fi geek to find the appropriate words to describle this experience is a challenge. The Batmobile is THE iconic television automobile. Designed by George Barris and based on the 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura concept car the Batmobile created a stir in the comics community that reverberates to this day. Mark Racop was only two years old when he announced that he was going to build his own Batmobile some day.

Mark and his team welcomed us into the Fiberglass Freaks shop and showed us wonders that nerds and geeks only know in dreams. I sat in the Batmobile and gazed in awe of its working gadgets and the accuracy in attention to the most minute details and measurements. And I acutally got a ride in the very first reproduction that Mark created when he was only 17!

I’m not going to give up any information. You’re going to have to tune in to the season three premiere for that. But we go so much terrific footage that I’m forced to consider a special episode devoted to Mark, Fiberglass Freaks and their incomparable reproduction of this automotive legend.

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