Talking to himself, "It’s The Interviews, Stupid!"


One of the things I enjoy most about producing FANTASTIC FORUM is the interviews. When I first got started I was terrified about conducting them. I’d been out of the game for a long time. I’d given up reading comics for about ten years. The talent I’d known was essentially all bronze age. I attended the 2007 Baltimore Comic Con and the first person I spoke to was Dick Ayers. He was someone with whom I was familiar. Mr. Ayers was very gracious and a delightful interview. I also was fortunate to get camera time with the fabulous Mr. Ron Wilson at that con. These gentlemen will always be indelibly imprinted on my memory for their kindness and consideration.

Attending conventions and getting the opportunity to meet talented professionals like Mark Romanowski, Keith Champagne, Jamal Igle and Tom Raney has been a wonderful experience. The people who have chosen comics as a profession have a deep passion for their work that is feuled by childhood memories and dreams. Those professionals working in the industry today are the latest to leave their mark on the characters that make up our modern day mythology.

For the season three opener we have an interview with Ms. Jo Chen. As the discussion topic for this episode was “Women’s Portrayals and Women Working in American Comics” she was perfect. And Ms. Chen was my very first interview with a comics industry professional who happened to be female.

I’m thinking about this as the interview I edited today was with Mr. Howard Chaykin. Devon Sanders conducted this interview on the final day of the 2010 Baltimore Comicon. I’ve enjoyed Mr. Chaykin’s work for many years! Devon requested this interview and I was happy to be off the hook for this sit down with one of the most accomplished talents in the industry. Well, the guy was a little salty but a fantastic interview nonetheless. Funny and insightful, Mr. Chaykin has a unique viewpoint as afforded him by virtue of his decades of experience in the industry. And he was willing to share this point of view with Devon. If you want to see it just catch episode #29 which will premiere in September. And keep your eyes peeled this season for upcoming interviews with such talent as Mark Waid, Rags Morales, J.G. Jones, Herb Trimpe, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Starlin and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez! The best is yet to come.

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