Editing on Final Cut Pro


For the past two weeks I’ve been furiously editing season three. Up until now I’ve worked with the very talented Production Specialist, Bryan Lyles, on editing the show. Bryan has also been the primary director for studio taping of the discussion portion of the program at DCTV in Washington, DC. As the producer of the show I’ve provided the edit decision list and have assisted in gathering and preparing the graphic images that appear during the panel discussions. But my goal has always been to develop the skills to edit the show myself.

So here we are in season three, five years into production with twenty six episodes in the can. I’ve cut my teeth on a number of projects including the re-edit of the pilot, which has been broadcast on other stations. My skills have finally developed sufficiently to edit FANTASTIC FORUM on my own! You may judge the relative success for yourself next month when episodes #27 and #28 debut on DCTV in Washington, DC and MCM in Montgomery County, MD.

As I was pressed to meet the submission deadline of June 30 I used the opening title sequence that Bryan created for season two. I’m working on a new opening using 3D motion graphics created by Nnamdi Azikiwe. The best is yet to come!

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