Coming to Washington, DC: The Museum of Science Fiction!

On Sunday, December 1, I linked up with the 501st Legion at the Capitol Building.  Legionnaires were out in force to tape a PSA in support of the Museum of Science Fiction.   Executive Director Greg Viggiano and VP of Operations Mandy Sweeney are among an organized group that has banded together to raise funds to open this museum dedicated to the sci-fi genre in Washington, DC.

The museum will initially open in a preview location and later expand into a larger, comprehensive facility constructed to house the collection, some items of which, have already been pledged.   The architectural rendering below is by Imarchination.

Cameraman, Alvin Jones, and I had a blast mixing it up with the Legionnaires who posed for pictures with the crowd who braved near freezing temperatures to come out. I spoke on camera with Mandy Sweeney, Museum of Science Fiction VP of Operations and Dan Rodriguez of the 501st.  And I taped my own PSA for the museum that you’ll see during an upcoming episode of FANTASTIC FORUM.

You’ll be hearing a good deal more about the museum in the coming months on the show.  Now that I’ve made the connection and given that this effort is ongoing in our back yard the FANTASTIC FORUM crew and I shall be diving in head first to promote and support this unique cultural project.  If you’d like more information on the museum or how you can make a pledge or volunteer you may visit their website at:


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