A Milestone at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum


On Friday, December 13, I attended the opening reception for Milestones: African American in Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. This astounding new exhibit features the work of both mainstream and lesser known Black creators as well as some who avoid the spotlight all of whom have made substantial contributions to pop culture. The exhibition highlights Milestone Comics but includes numerous other non-related works. The exhibit was organized by Milestone Media’s Michael Davis and Tatiana El-Khouri of Creative Force Group.


Davis is an artist and best known as one of the founders of Milestone Comics and the originator of Comic Con International’s Black Panel. He undertook the job of assembling the exhibit at the behest of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum President Melissa Geppi-Bowersox.


This exhibit offers visitors a view of the spectrum of Black historical contributions made across comics history. “From movies to film, from music to art, from graphic novels/comic books to TV, and from politics to sports, all aspects of America’s pop culture contain different aspects of the African-American viewpoint,” says Davis. “America has changed, and the attitudes about Black people and their limitless creativity touch, embrace, or lead all aspects of culture.”

Certainly, an exhibit of this nature is unique and has never been seen before. I enjoyed the evening and had the opportunity to meet and mingle with a number of comic industry luminaries such as Denys Cowan, Don McGregor, Matt Baker, John Jennings, N. Steven Harris, Mark Wheatley, J.C. Vaughn, and Steve Geppi, among many others.


The exhibit officially opened to the public on Saturday, December 14 runs through April 2014. Co-Curator Tatiana El-Khouri told me that there is consideration for it to go on a nationwide tour afterwards. I encourage anyone with an interest in comics and African American culture to visit this historic exhibit. More information is available at www.MilestonesTheShow.com

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