Capicons Comic Book & Pop Culture Convention

>I was in Dunn Loring, VA on Sunday for Capicons Comic Book & Pop Culture Convention.

This is a one-day show held quarterly in Northern Virginia and is run by Jeff Daughtery.

Jeff is a real gentleman and genuinely nice guy whom I met while making an appearance on Larry Reclusado’s Nova Comic Book Show. There were a number of vendors and such local celebrities as yours truly, the aforementioned Larry Reclusado and John Dimes aka Dr. Sarcofiguy. I was able to gather some footage on Capicons and interviews with artist Pete Tapang and Paul Gyurcsanszky who is promoting Osiris Sanction, a brand spanking new live action role playing game created by the illustrious Ford Ivey.

It was quite enjoyable to mix and mingle with fans and dealers. I had episodes of FANTASTIC FORUM running on my laptop computer, passed out promotional postcards and answered questions about the program. Events like this are important for generating publicity. I’ll have to get a banner and some other trade show booth type equipment for use in the future.
And it was fun networking and making new contacts with other producers. I look forward to doing another Capicons show in the new year.

Nnamdi Azikiwe has tweaked the wonderful 3D motion graphic that he created for the season three opening. I’ll be incorporating the revised version into a new opening sequence in time for episode #35. And episode #32, SUPERHERO ROGUES GALLERIES, premiered Sunday afternoon! I’ve just gotten it up online. Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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