2012: The Odyssey Continues…

>I hope that you reading this blog enjoyed a happy holiday season! Thanks for continuing to accompany me on this fantastic journey that is The Comic, Science-Fiction & Fantasy fan’s FANTASTIC FORUM.

As we pass the halfway point in production of season three this entry finds the stalwart crew preparing for another taping in a few weeks. The holidays slowed me down just a bit but now I’m raring to go in this new year. I was working on an independent film that was shooting in Maryland during the holidays. CLOWNS, Produced by Digital Media Ventures Entertainment Group is scheduled for release in October. I put together episode #34, A Visit To Fiberglass Freaks, before the CLOWNS shooting schedule left me with time for nothing else. But I met a bunch of great folks, some of whom will be appearing in upcoming episodes of FF.

Episode #34 is a special devoted to our friend, Mark Racop, and his talented team in Logansport, Indiana. Mark was very forthcoming with some terrific Batmobile road footage that I incorporated into the show. Sadly, this episode will not air in Washington, DC. I was notified by the DCTV Programming Department that the episode was in violation of the station’s broadcast criteria. Rather than attempt an extensive re-edit I voluntarily pulled the show in place of a re-edit of Episode #27, A Visit to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. #27 has had some badly needed color correction and now sports the 3D Motion Graphics opening and closing credits with pictures from the show. Episode #34 will be available for On Demand viewing via YouTube beginning on February 1. And #34 will still air on our other broadcast stations in Maryland and Virginia.

Speaking of which, FANTASTIC FORUM will soon be back on CMBC Comcast channel 75 in Baltimore, Maryland. Four episodes aired on this fine station back in 2008 before some logistical issues derailed our submissions. And I’ve been in contact with CPA-TV in Charlottesville, Virginia about broadcasting FANTASTIC FORUM. The show is currently under review and I hope to get word on the verdict in the coming week.

I’ve also been very pleased as internet views and comments are up overall and the program has slowly started picking up “likes” again on Facebook. You can help! Tell a friend about us. Send them a link to the website, blog or one of the episodes. Tweet about us or give us a plug in your blog. Share this show with other fans of the genres! Let’s make this the year when everyone hears about FANTASTIC FORUM! I was denied press credentials to Dragon Con last year because they said the audience for the show wasn’t large enough. And the promoters of the broadway show, Spider Man: Turn off the Dark wouldn’t give an interview. And The Joe Kubert School denied our request to do a feature on the institution. Nobody will keep their doors closed if they know that an appearance on FANTASTIC FORUM means exposure. I implore you to help us give them that exposure. Think of it like a New Year’s resolution that you’ll keep!

We here at FANTASTIC FORUM are in your gratitude. Thanks, and keep watching. The best is yet to come!

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