Episode 0036 “DC’s NEW 52”

DC’s comics line outsold Marvel for the first few months of the relaunch. Our expert panel evaluates the New 52.

DC Comics relaunched their entire comics line with 52 first issues. Host Devon Sanders and panelists James Rambo, Chris Peleo-Lazar and Gene Green discuss the pros, cons, hots and nots in this episode.

TRT 29:26, production date 2/11/12, original airdate 4/4/12
Host – Devon Sanders
Panel – James Rambo, Chris Peleo-Lazar, Eugene Green
DC’s NEW 52
Interview – Jason Aaron
Ulie Rants – The Top 10 Hottest Women of Star Trek TOS
Crew – Director: Ulysses E. Campbell, Audio: Derek White, CG: Rhonda A. Starks, Floor Director: Adrienne Quinn, Cameras: Alexander Mosby, Caecilia Key, Walter Plush
Make up: Brandi Page

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