Episode 0023 “Politics and Political Portrayals in American Comics”

The tenth episode of season two of the award-winning, Washington, DC based series is hosted by Producer Ulysses E. Campbell with panelists Sherin Nicole, Ben Hatton and Jon R. Brooks. POLITICS AND POLITICAL PORTRAYALS IN AMERICAN COMICS is the explosive topic of discussion for this show. The panel explores the appearances of US Presidents and various other political figures in comic books. We’ll go from Frankiln D. Roosevelt in Captain America to Richard Nixon in Fantastic Four. You’ll see George W. Bush in Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Avengers and Barack Obama doing everything from punching zombies to appearing as Barack the Barbarian! The discussion also includes fictional political characters and situations including Lex Luthor being elected US President in the DC Comics Universe!

Interview with artist, writer and visionary creator Erik Larsen as he talks about his historic run on Savage Dragon and the formation of Image Comics.

Cool Toys segment featuring beautifully sculpted and wonderfully atriculated Toy Biz Marvel Legends Avengers action figures. FF Mailbag with correspondence from viewer Anwar Dixon.

TRT 28:30, production date 8/29/09, original airdate 11/9/10
Host – Ulysses E. Campbell
Panel – Sherin Nicole, Ben Hatton, Jon Brooks
Interview – Erik Larsen
Cool Toys – Marvel Legends Avengers Action Figures
FF Mailbag – Correspondence from Anwar Dixon
Crew – Director: Bryan Lyles, Audio: Krushae Starnes, Cameras: Stephan Azor, Felicia Murphy

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