Episode 0039 “Animated Cartoons Based on Comic Books”

In this episode, the panel explores animated cartoons based on comic book properties.

On location from Victory Comics in Falls Church, Virginia! Host Billie Rae Bates and panelists Bryan Lyles, Roberto Ortiz and Abigail Pritchard discuss ANIMATED CARTOONS BASED ON COMIC BOOKS. Featuring Devon Sanders’ interview with comic book artist KURT BUSIEK from Beyond Comics in Gaithersburg, Maryland and Ulie Rants about Tony Alleyne’s Star Trek Apartment.

TRT 29:49, production date 6/7/12, original airdate 7/21/12
Host – Billie Rae Bates
Panel – Bryan Lyles, Roberto Ortiz, Abigail Pritchard
Interview – Kurt Busiek
Ulie Rants – Star Trek Apartment
Crew – Director: Charles Smith, Audio: Ken Briley, Engineer: Devin Gallagher, Cameras: Jacqueline Baires, Janar Stewart, Ulysses E. Campbell
Make up: Cornelius Alexander

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