Episode 0032 “Superhero Rogues Galleries”

Spider-man? Batman? The Avengers? Which superhero do you think has the deadliest arch-enemies of all?

Doctor Doom, Darkseid, Thanos, The Joker, the list goes on and on. Superheroes are defined by the dangerous foes they face week in and week out. Host Sherin Nicole and panelists Billie Rae Bates, Roberto Ortiz and Dave Disspain discuss SUPERHERO ROGUES GALLERIES. Interview with legendary comics artist JIM STARLIN. And don’t miss our special IN MEMORIAM tribute segment.

TRT 29:49, production date 9/10/11, original airdate 12/4/11
Host – Sherin Nicole
Panel – Billie Rae Bates, Roberto Ortiz, David Disspain
Interview – Jim Starlin
Gone But Not Forgotten – In Memoriam
Crew – Director: Ulysses E. Campbell TD: Krushae Starnes Audio: Jon C. Rutherford CG: Rhonda A. Starks Cameras: Stephan Azor, Caecilia Key, Ulysses B. Campbell
Make up: Cornelius Alexander

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