TIVA Pitchmaking Seminar

Since this is a production blog, I think it appropriate to, from time to time, share some of the details of the ongoing grind of producing a television series.  I regularly write about location taping, event coverage,  publicity appearances and new stations carrying the show.  But it all has to do with FANTASTIC FORUM.  This does, too, but in a more general sense.

The life of a television producer is not as glamorous as one might expect.  There is a relatively broad range in which we exist. If you’re fortunate enough to have a hit series in production you’re at the top of the food chain.  Most of us inhabit an area beneath that lofty plateau.  But you hustle, network, engage in a variety of audience research on your way to developing that project that, you hope, will carry you to the top.

I recently attended a seminar at The National Press Club which was sponsored by the Television, Internet & Video Association of DC, Inc. (TIVA) on making a successful pitch.  For the uninitiated, a pitch is when you approach a network or production company in an effort to interest them in a project for development and subsequent broadcast.

The event was moderated by Walter Gottlieb and included representatives from the development departments of two cable television networks and two local production companies which have successful pitched projects.  I enjoyed networking and found the information from the presentation invaluable.

The ultimate endgame for FANTASTIC FORUM is for the program to be picked up by a national television network.  We’re not there yet but continue to slog forward towards legitimacy.  The program has recently become listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).  Those who lend their talents to the show are now eligible for professional credit.  And we’ve got a lot more in the works.

Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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