Season Three Begins Now!


Today we went boldly where none of us has been before. Production of season three of FANTASTIC FORUM launched at DCTV’s Brooks Mansion headquarters in the Brookland section of Northeast Washington, DC. After months of pre-production preparation the season began in earnest. With some new panelists, new members of the production team and old team members in new roles the show turned a page in its history.

The discussion portion of Episodes #27, #28 and #29 was taped and I did some stand-ups for the popular “Gone But Not Forgotten” segment and introductions for features on Fiberglass Freaks, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum and Free Comic Book Day 2011. In a departure from previous seasons when post-production didn’t begin until all episodes were taped, editing on these shows will begin immediately. The goal is to get each episode on the air as soon as possible.

It’s a whole new ballgame for FANTASTIC FORUM as we plan to get out and about and hit more conventions and events in an effort to provide our viewers with the most interesting and thought provoking content ever seen on a show of this genre. FANTASTIC FORUM will deliver features on the places, activities and institutions you want to know about. It’s the content that you, our viewers, have asked for in your many messages, letters and comments. Keep watching and tell your friends! And keep those communications coming in! We always love to hear from YOU!

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