Season 4 in Full Swing

Season 4 is underway! The first three episodes have aired and we taped again last Thursday at Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA. The location taping is a huge success thanks to Arlington Independent Media’s mobile production van. Access to the mobile studio equipment allows the show to flow in a pure comics element. And we’re graced by tremendous talent. Director Charles Smith, Engineer Devin Gallagher, Production Technician Kathi Overton and Camera operator Janar Stewart in particular have helped make these episodes the best yet. And FANTASTIC FORUM has added several new producers to the mix as well. Patrick Michael Strange and Balimar Lindgren have brought an influx of energy and creativity both behind and in front of the camera.

Episode #46 on Science Fiction Literature delivers on one of the stated goals of the program; to promote interest in science fiction literature. Host Sherin Nicole moderated a lively discussion that included stellar panelists Roberto Ortiz, Drew Bittner and the ever sassy Abby Pritchard. Sherin continues to distinguish herself as an exceptional talent in the television talk show business. Her command of the material and her immense on set presence make her worthy of a look from television professionals.

Look for FANTASTIC FORUM to push the envelope this season. More talent, more in depth discussion, more features, more of what you, our viewers, have told us that you want to see! Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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