Recovering from New York Comic-Con

Back from New York this week after a long weekend at the New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center. In only seven years this con has grown to be second only to San Diego’s Comic Con International.

Patrick Michael Strange and I burned the candle at both ends so much so that by Sunday night I was starting to come down with something. My throat was killing me and I had chills. I drove back to Washington, DC on Monday and collapsed into bed where I remained for the next few days. But it was worth it. Oh, what a time we had!

We braved the throngs of fans, met professionals, vendors, cosplayers, other media people and even a pornstar. We overcame technical adversity, got stills, video, met new friends and reconnected with old ones. On Saturday night we attended the Legendary Pictures afterparty at Slate nightclub. And I enjoyed the delicacy of real New York pizza!

Among the interviews we conducted was Show Manager, Lance Fensterman.

Lance shared that there were more than 115,000 fans in attendance at the four day convention! And based on the crowds I don’t doubt it for a moment. Among the great folks I met were Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn, the retropreneurs behind the revival of Captain Action! Ed and Joe were nice enough to consent to an interview. And I also learned that they’re planning to bring back the ZEROIDS, another of my childhood toys!

As soon as I felt well enough to get out of bed I headed straight for the editing booths at MCM. The plan is to complete the two shows that were taped back in late August and a convention special. It is also my intent to edit a number of the interviews with independent creators and vendors that we’ve collected. These will go online prior to ultimately being used in the broadcasts.

If you’d like to see all our pictures from NYCC then visit the FANTASTIC FORUM Facebook page. “Like” the page and check out this and the other picture albums.

The upcoming weeks will be exciting, too. Look for the FANTASTIC FORUM team at the Halloween Edition of the ANNAPOLIS COMIC-CON at the Roger “Pip” Moyer Community Recreation Center on Saturday, October 27! And we’ll be at RUN FOR YOUR LIVES the Zombie Infested 5K Obstacle Course Race in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday, October 28.

There will be more information regarding appearances for November forthcoming. And we also hope to have an announcement about additional broadcast stations that will be carrying the show in the very near future. Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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