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On Friday, co-host Billie Rae Bates and I visited Geppi’s Entertainment Museum where we met Steve Geppi. Steve is one of the most influential men in the comics industry through his position as president of Diamond Comics Distributors. Diamond has cornered the distribution market and if you are a publisher who wants their books to make it to specialty comics retailers you have to deal with them. Before Diamond, many of you may remember Mr. Geppi from his chain of comic book stores in the DC/Maryland region that bore his name. Billie Rae conducted a fabulous interview while I acted as cameraperson/director.

Steve is a really nice, down to earth guy. He’s humble and totally unassuming. It was a delight to have an opportunity to speak with him and get his insight on life, comics and the Baltimore Orioles. Look for his interview in an upcoming episode.

This was our second taping at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. GEM is a terrific location. It is my sincere hope that we’ll be able to utilize the facility again in the future and assist in promoting this wonderful center of pop-culture history. Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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