Annapolis Comic Con 2014

Time Warp Mode engaged! Sunday, October 19, 2014 – A great local convention we love with a lot of heart is The Annapolis Comic Con.


Held at the Roger “Pip” Moyer Recreation Center in Annapolis, MD, this one-day show is the brainchild of the same folks who bring you Awesome Con! Everyone always has a good time at these shows. This year we met up with a number of cosplayers (whom you’ll see in our upcoming episode devoted to the activity) as well as Professor Arnold T. Blumberg.

Arnold Blumberg

Professor Blumberg aka “The Doctor of the Dead” is a publisher, author, educator, lecturer and expert on Zombies, Doctor Who, Comics, popular culture and media. He is on the faculty of the University of Maryland Baltimore County and the University of Baltimore. Professor Blumberg spoke on camera about a course on the Marvel Cinematic Universe which he uses to critical thinking to his students.

YouTube Preview Image

Even a brief conversation with Professor Blumberg dispels any notion that the comics, science-fiction, fantasy and horror genres are making an astounding impact on our culture. It is a great time to be a geek!

Keep watching! The best is yet to come!

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