A Real Hero

I was in attendance at the Baltimore Grand Prix on Sunday. Geppi’s Entertainment Museum at Camden Station was a base for the event which enjoyed its second annual running. I had a blast hanging out in the VIP Pit Lane¬†Club with Baltimore Bachelorette Gina Geppi and her dad, Diamond Distribution’s Steve Geppi.

Another old friend that I ran into was Batman. Well, more precisely, Lenny Robinson. Lenny owned a business I contracted with during my career as a commercial real estate manager. It turns out that he sold the business awhile back and became, well, Batman.

Now Lenny spends his time and resources visiting and entertaining sick children in his guise as the legendary Dark Knight. And in the finest tradition of Batman, he is aided by his faithful gentleman’s gentleman. Who, in this case, rather than Alfred the butler, is Lenny’s dad, Larry Robinson.

Those of you who reside in the southern Maryland area may have already heard of Lenny. It was widely reported in the local news when he got hassled some months ago by Montgomery County Police while en route to Children’s Hospital. Of course, Lenny was driving his Lamborghini that day rather than the Batmobile he has now so I guess MCPD doubted his bona fide!

In any event, I couldn’t be prouder to know such a man. And I extended the invitation for him to appear on an upcoming episode of FANTASTIC FORUM. I believe it important to raise awareness of the activities of those true heroes in our community. And take it from me, Lenny Robinson is one such hero. For more information on Lenny and SUPERHEROES FOR KIDS you may visit:

Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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