21st Century Sandshark Studios’ The Reptile & Mr. Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson

The long wait is over for fans as 21st Century Sandshark Studios’ latest release, The Reptile and Mr. Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson, hit the web. The sequel to the 2002 webcomic, The Reptile and Mr. Amazing: The Origin, this story returns to the world of heroes Roger Tyler and Carter Talbot.

Mr. Amazing aka Roger Tyler, superhero from WWII and his partner, The Reptile aka Carter Talbot, a sentient dinosaur (and former janitor) from an alternate reality are caught in a web of danger and intrigue as they struggle to protect a device known as the Tomorrowsphere which has the power to reshape the fabric of the universe itself!

The story also introduces Tyler’s teenage son, David, who possesses super abilities himself. David is a student at a special school for meta-powered youngsters and feels estranged from his father.

As the webcomic opens during the second world war, Tyler’s super-team, The Alliance, faces off against deadly Nazi villains. A teammate of Tyler’s, Carson, sacrifices himself to save his fellows. Or does he?

The creative force behind 21st Century Sandshark Studios, Dan Nokes, takes the reader on a wild rollercoaster ride of a story that spans decades and crosses the lines of alternate realities. Nokes began his career with Sandshark back in 2002 with The Reptile and Mr. Amazing: The Origin. After self-publishing the book, he soured on superheroes and moved on to other comic genres. But fate intervened when Nokes’ brother, Will Nix III, persuaded him to revisit these characters. With the 10th anniversary of Sandshark Studios on the horizon and wanting to work with his brother the stars aligned for this extraordinary project.

This is a wonderful collaboration. Noke’s story takes off immediately and keeps the reader engaged while Nix’s manga-like artistic style and storytelling establishes an atmosphere. Returning fans of the 2002 story will feel particularly satisfied to get caught up again. I was disappointed to reach the end. The Reptile and Mr. Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson is 30 pages b&w. You can check it out by visiting the website at: http://21sandshark.com/blog/the-reptile-and-mister-amazing-the-return-of-kat-carson/

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